Which Of The Following Best Defines A Bridging Table?

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The following table show the logic of transparent spanning tree bridge. The received frame is checked by the bridge in following manner. The destination address of arrived frame is.

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A reader observes that bridge tables seem problematic, and wonders if they should just replaced by factless fact tables. Q: I am wondering if all bridge tables are in fact replacements for factless fact tables. The problem with the bridge table as you mention it is that.[you] need to do an expensive join and issues with Cartesian joins/ double counting etc.

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To model bridge tables in the Physical layer, create joins between the bridge table and the associated dimension tables. In the Administration Tool, in the Physical layer, select the fact, bridge, and associated dimension tables. Then, right-click the objects and select Physical Diagram, and then choose Selected Object(s) Only.

31) Which of the following best defines the term referential integrity? b) Every foreign key must relate to an existing primary key . 32) You cannot enter data into a foreign key table unless it is related to an existing record in the primary key table.

2) Using the column level approach, the definition of the constraint is included as part of the column definition. 3) When you create constraints at the column level, the constraint being created applies to the column specified. 4) The NOT NULL constraint can be created at.